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Master's Regalia


academic regalia Cap and Gown Depot ... Finest Academic Graduation Regalia, and Personalized Customer Service


We offer Master's Caps and Gowns in three quality levels:

  • Deluxe Master's Gowns (superior quality, similar to custom made but at "off the rack" prices);
  • Faculty quality Master's Gowns (rental / classic quality -- not as nice as deluxe, but very long lasting); and
  • Student / Souvenir (promotional quality, great for one time use, but not designed to be used repeatedly.) Master's Gowns

The student Master's Cap and Gown set is ideal for students who will only be wearing their regalia once or twice (either going into business or for a doctorate, following this graduation) and thus have no need to purchase a longer lasting gown.

Our Faculty quality Master's gown is similar to rental gowns -- long lasting, wrinkle resistant and durable -- for years of trouble free wear. However owning your gown, rather than renting each and every semester will generally save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your career (plus the savings of time and effort by not having to rent and re rent your cap, gown and hood each semester).

master's cap and gown

Our deluxe Master's graduation gowns offer the look, feel and quality you would expect from a fully custom gown, but in an "off the rack" size, to save you hundreds of dollars, compared to a fully made-to-measure gown, for people wanting a custom look, but not a custom price.

master's cap and gown

Each Master's gown also comes with a cap (mortarboard) and tassel.

Students graduating with a Masters Degree normally wear mortarboards and Tassels.

Unless you specify otherwise, Master's Tassels are sent black, to match the Cap and Gown. This is how most people graduate. Or if you prefer, we can send you a "degree color" tassel (that is, the color of the tassel would be the same color used on the velvet of your hood, to delineate your degree or academic discipline).

Tassels for graduating students normally come with a year date charm affixed to them (i.e. 2005), and these charms can be easily removed or swapped with a different date.

Faculty members ordering gowns with mortarboards normally receive a black tassel without a year charm. Again, if you prefer, we can send you a dated tassel or a degree color tassel, but the "default" standard practice for Faculty members is to wear black Tassels without a date charm.

We also offer Master's Tams for Master's degree holders who are Faculty members and wish to differentiate themselves from their students.

Unlike doctoral Tams (with gold Tassels), Master's Tams are usually 6 sided (though we can special make them as a four sided or 8 sided) but with a plain black tassel.

master's tam

We generally keep the both the Faculty quality Master's Gowns, and the student quality (souvenir) gowns in stock. Master's Tams and mortarboards also usually in stock.

Deluxe or made-to-measure graduation gowns are normally made to order, requiring +/- eight weeks, depending on the season.

Academic Graduation Hoods (with school colors) are also normally made to order, since each persons is different, but if you are in a rush, we can usually send you a "loaner hood" to borrow until your actual hood is ready. Then when you receive your real hood, just send the loaner one back to us.

academic hoods

Similarly, we are happy to offer individuals interested in purchasing deluxe gowns (made to order) but in a rush, loaner gowns to wear, until their special gown is complete.

There is no charge for loaner gowns or hoods, provided that you return the loaners once you receive your actual regalia.

Pricing for caps & gowns
Deluxe Cap & Gown $220.00
Classic Cap & Gown $135.00
Souvenir Cap & Gown $58.50

Faculty Quality Master's Gown
with Deluxe Master's MBA Hood, Front View
If you also require a HOOD for your , the prices would be as follows:

Pricing for hoods
Deluxe (for deluxe and classic gowns) $130.00
Deluxe with piping $145.00
Souvenir $58.50

If you are ordering a hood, we will also need to know the name of the school you graduated from, and the city and state (since some universities have several campuses, and we need to know which campus, in order to put the appropriate colors on the hood, as often time they differ from one campus to another, even within the same school).

Faculty Quality Master's Gown
shown with Deluxe Master's MBA Hood, Rear View

Master's Velvet Tams are available in your choice of four, six, or eight corners.

Although historically, most Master's degree graduates wore a standard mortarboard with their gown, many Master's degree holders who are also Faculty members are now opting to wear a velvet tam rather than a mortarboard to better differentiate themselves from their students.

As such, we now offer a Master's level Faculty tam, similar to the doctoral tam, but with a plain black tassel in place of the gold doctoral tassel.

Like the doctor's tam, the Master's Faculty tam is available in four - six - or eight sides. However if you do not wish to purchase the Master's tam, we would be happy to send you a mortarboard & tassel, at no charge, with your gown.
Whether you pick a 4, 6, or 8 corner tam has less to do with regulation and more to do with looking your best! Generally, most people seem to prefer the six sided tam, however extremely tall and skinny people may do better with the 8 corner tam since it tends to look more round, and help "fill a person out", while short stocky people may do better with a 4 corner model, since it is sharper and thus makes the person look "less round".

Tams are normally sold adjustable, available in size ranges small-medium; medium-large; and extra large. Therefore we will need your hat size or head size to determine the correct size. Upon request we can also special make an exact fit tam, though may people prefer the adjustable models since hat size can vary depending on haircut, etc.

Because these Tams are made of velvet, it would not matter which fabric your gown is made from; you could still purchase the Tams without fear of mismatching. This differs from hoods which should preferably be made from the same fabric quality as the gown. Also for this reason, many people purchasing Souvenir Quality gowns also purchase these Tams as a way of upgrading their look without actually purchasing a more expensive gown. Even if you should upgrade to a more expensive gown later on, you would still use the same tam.

Pricing for Master's Tams

4 corner tam $64.50
6 corner tam $64.50
8 corner tam (w/o gown & hood) $84.50
8 corner tam (discount w/gown & hood) $64.50

Ordering info for academic Tams:

Be sure to indicate your hat size or your head size. Using a tape, measure the circumference of your head about an inch over your eyebrow. the size should be in the neighborhood of 22 to 23 1/2 inches. It should be snug but not too tight. Round size to nearest quarter inch. If you are between sizes, err to the larger quarter inch. A cap size would be something like 6 7/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, etc.

Please use the order form below. You can either fill it out and then reply by e-mail with all of your information, fill it out, print it, and fax it to us (412-273-3416 or toll free in USA 888-315-8760) or fill it out, and mail it to us.

Part one

Name of person ordering
Bill-to address with city, state and zip code
Shipping address if different
Home phone
Work or cell phone
Type of Master's regalia: Deluxe, Classic or Souvenir
Part two

For the gown

Height of each person receiving regalia
Weight of each person receiving regalia
For the hat

Masters Tam or Mortarboard
If tam, four sided, six sided or eight sided
If tam, head size or hat size (not needed for mortarboards as the mortarboards are elastic one size fits all).
If for student graduation (not Faculty member) please specify "year date added" to tassel.
Part three

The Hood

School and City you graduated from (some universities have several campuses. We need to know which campus you graduated from, as often the colors vary from one to another). For small schools or schools not located in USA, please specify colors.
Part four
Payment Info
Part five

Date Needed (so we know whether to ship via UPS Ground, or by Air (i.e. Fed-X)
If a part of your order is not ready by the date needed, should we send you loaners ( provided to our customers at no charge, provided it is returned), or have you made other arrangements?
Part six
SPECIAL REQUESTS, confirmations, etc. Anything different or special about this order we need to know about, be sure to put down. Also, please give us contact information (e-mail preferred, but also day and evening phone) in case we have any questions.

Although most hoods are made to order (and therefore take +/- 8 weeks to make), if you need to wear your regalia sooner than that, we may be able to send you a loaner hood together with your Cap and Gown that you can wear until you receive your real hood. This way, you'll have a complete set of doctoral regalia right away, to save you the expense of renting. Then when your real doctoral hood arrives, just send us back the loaner hood.

For more information about our Academic Regalia including Master's Caps and Gowns, doctoral Caps and Gowns, bachelor's Caps and Gowns, or preschool through highschool graduation gowns, or for an order form, please e-mail us